We currently have over 800 contacts nationwide with companies ranging from small to Fortune 100, and are responsible for maintaining over 4,000 pieces of equipment.

Consulting and Design

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We are equipped to custom design and cater to our customer’s individual needs. We understand the need of critical operating environments and the significance of seamless business operations.

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Industrial Engines

Our goal is to prolong the usability and uptime of your fleet and equipment.  We are your single source provider for all your service and parts needs. You will receive prompt support from personnel with over 30 years of experience.

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Heat Pumps

Does your generator have a block heater that uses over 2500W? Is your business current on your utility bill? If so, we can save you money by installing a heat pump that saves you thousands of dollars off your energy bill.

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Infrared inspections is a non-contact; non-destructive means of testing that identifies and documents abnormally warm or cool connectors, conductors, or components that may be a potential problem in electrical systems.

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Lighting Retros

We have experience in energy savings programs that can produce savings from 30 – 60 % while improving lights levels and efficiency often times with no out of pocket expense.

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Monitoring System

You no longer have to physically check and see if your generator is exercising or working. Juts go on line and check your generator status from anywhere in the world.

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