Heat Pumps

There is ongoing and dynamic federal, state and local legislation moving our country quickly toward mandated energy efficient buildings. It's good news! Already, local utilities offer rebates, incentives, and 0% On - Bill - Financing that are all part of a $ 0 out - of - pocket solution. Finding and saving money is possible, right now! Your company can also significantly lower usage, become greener, and stay on top of the changing mandates.

Do you have a generator? If you do, is your generator larger than 200 KW? Does your generator have a block heater that uses over 2500W? Is your business current on your utilities bill?

If so, we can save you money by installing a heat pump system thats saves you thousands of dollars off your energy bill.


Here’s the business case

While the generator itself is inactive, the block heater itself is still operating in order to maintain the recommended engine temperature. Diesel generator engines start-up based on the compression ignition principle. The temperature of the air in the cylinder increases in direct proportion to the compression ratio (i.e. if the compression ratio is 18:1, the air is compressed eighteen-fold, and the temperature increase is also eighteen-fold). Emergency diesel generators start when the air in the cylinder is compressed to the temperature needed to ignite the diesel fuel. When the engine is cold, this process is not as effective, and can be destructive.

  • Heat pumps keep the engine warm while-using less energy.
  • Heat pumps deliver over 4 times the amount of units of heat than resistive heaters. This means huge savings to you!
  • They’re   more reliable because they provide redundant heating.
  • They last longer (15 years as compared to 10 for resistive heaters).

So how do we get started?

After you provide us the approval to proceed, we will conduct a no risk, no out of pocket energy study to determine your block heater’s consumption.

Once the audit results are complete, an application is submitted to the utility on your behalf.

Once the project and the 0% on bill financing program is approved by the utility, we will we i with the installation.

You’ll begin enjoying your savings immediately!


How is it paid for?

Your utility company provides incentives, rebates, and 0%-on-bill financing for energy saving solutions.

In the case of 0% on bill financing, the utility company uses the savings generated from the installation of the heat pump to pay for the project.

You continue paying the same amount to the utility company.

Once the cost of the project is paid for, your bill is reduced by the energy savings.


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