Monitoring System

You install a generator because you have concerns about being without electricity.


The problem is…

When a generator fails it will not start until it has been serviced and reset. Many generators can sit dead for months because no  one  knows  the generator has failed.

Making sure your stand-by generator works when needed is a top priority for your generator dealer. Installing a tracking system gives your dealer the advantage needed in providing services for maximum dependability and security.

The first concern is that your power is on at all times. If a power outage should occur and your generator does not perform your GEN-TRACKER system will contact your dealer. This back-up allows your dealer to respond as quickly as possible.

With the GENTRACKER system your dealer will provide a continuous record of your generators operation.

Will Your Generator Start When You Need it?

A GENTRACKER system installed by your dealer will track scheduled exercising times for your generator. If a problem does occur, your dealer will be notified via their website and by e-mail. This system will eliminate the most common problem generator customers have: knowing when your generator is not performing. Along with knowing your generator is exercising as scheduled, your dealer has the ability to track your generator for faults. (This feature is not available for all generators, check with your dealer for your particular generator.)

The GENTRACKER system is sold, installed, and serviced by authorized dealers only.


More Than Just Tracking

The GENTRACKER system was developed in response to the number one question asked after every generator installation:

“How do I know my generator will start when needed?”

Before this system was developed, the only answer was for generator customers to physically watch and list the generator; not a practical solution for the customer.

Generator Solutions, Inc. developed a better solution, a low cost system with low tracking fees that reports to you and dealer any exercising or operational problems.

The GENTRACKER system is more than just tracking; it is full service system designed as a tool for your local generators dealer to provide the service necessary to make your generator dependable. You no longer have to physically check and see if your generator is exercising or working. Just go on line and check your generator status from anywhere in the world.

What do you get with a GENTRACKER System?

  • Peace of Mind. You’ll know your generator is being watched every minute of every day.
  • It’s Universal. Any generator can be tracked with GENTRACKER.
  • Monthly Reports.  You receive e-mail documentation of all generator activity including run time, faults and loss of building power.
  • Exercise Periods
  • Dependability. GENTRACKER systems have a proven track record.
  • Internet-based Monitoring. You can check your generator from anywhere anytime via the Internet
  • Low cost installation and low annual tracking fee.

If you want peace of mind knowing your stand generator will stand by you when when you need it, contact an authorized GENTRACKER dealer.


If you are in an emergency situation, call 1-866-54-POWER.